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Dude, where's the love?

I'm trying to guess who can't seem to get enough of Ashton Kutcher.

He's got his second movie in a month out now, A Lot Like Love. The preview is very long and poignant, full of the kinds of precious moments that are supposed to remind you of when you fell in love, but really they just remind you of other romantic comedies you watched with your now ex-boyfriend, the ones that started you on the road to break-upville because they made you insecure about your lack of spitting contests and off-key serenades.   Read More...

The Old Song and Dance

The past year has been one very long audition for Christina Aguilera, but by now she's a shoo-in for the Joan Crawford part in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? She's got the hair, the eyebrows, plus that mix of frosty arrogance and neediness. She also has enough piercings on her tiny frame to be her own wire hanger.   Read More...

Casting Thrillers

Clint Eastwood is a member of my book club, he just doesn't know it or show up. But we read the same novels, and then he makes movies out of them, and I make treats.

I like to think that if Clint and I had discussed it as a group, his adaptation of Michael Connelly's excellent thriller Blood Work might not have been so disappointingly functional, like those plop-and-bake Pillsbury sugar cookies.   Read More...

All About Eve

Why hasn't Hollywood yet seen a remake of All About Eve? I'm not talking about a cheap "homage" or "inspired by" where someone looks at the Leonard Maltin summary and goes, "Hey, let's do a movie where the older chick gets her job stolen by this evil younger chick" and then there's a TV movie where Shannen Doherty sings.   Read More...

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